April 28, 2013

Team Development

An overview

Optim’s approach is to partner with and support a team both at an individual and collective level to ensure real, meaningful and lasting change.  A typical team development solution consists of:

  • Initial individual development sessions to identify behaviour characteristics, core strengths, key development themes/blind spots and career goals
  • 4 x quarterly team sessions. The early sessions are designed to identify the collective strengths and key opportunities of the group, gain clarity on the core purpose of the team and agree individual and team commitments. They would also involve seeking feedback from stakeholders to understand the teams’ impact and suggested priority areas of focus. The specific emphasis of later sessions would be informed by this feedback and outcomes from earlier team sessions.
  • A focus on embedding and sustaining change.
  • Ongoing individual coaching support to explore and resolve any relevant concerns and opportunities along the journey.

The benefits

  • Deeper insights into themselves, their colleagues and the team as a whole.
  • Greater clarity around what’s important and where to focus.
  • An evidence-based methodology that will enhance the collective value of the team.
  • Stronger relationships, greater trust and openness resulting in more effective collaboration.

Who is it suitable for?

Any intact team of senior leaders would derive significant benefit from this program. Specifically, we often work with teams who are looking to:

  • Navigate considerable changes in structure, roles, responsibilities and focus areas.
  • Expedite their effectiveness as a newly formed team.
  • Build capability and/or confidence in specific areas e.g., developing greater trust, holding each to account, fostering greater collaborating, being more challenging of each other.

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