October 22, 2019

Team Development – Group Coaching & Coaching Circles

We partner with teams at an individual and collective level to ensure lasting and meaningful change.  We take a strength-based approach, use real life business challenges and ensure there is clarity around expected outcomes at commencement.  We adopt coaching principles to ensure that teams and individuals take ownership of agreed outcomes. We also provide personal support where requested and appropriate. 

Team Development

We understand that each team has different needs. At Optim our approach is to take the time to appreciate those needs and develop a solution together.  We ensure a collaborative relationship to agree on expectations and outcomes for the team and the organisation. Typically, we recommend starting the process by supporting each team member through an individual development session, helping to raise awareness of individual strengths, development areas and how they contribute to the broader team. Completing this activity upfront allows us to integrate any needs identified through the individual development sessions to the content and workshop format. Optim workshops incorporate a mix of group work, team building to build better connections, application of theory and practical exercises.  To aid embedding of content and the realization of change we advocate ongoing support, through group or individual coaching, or both.

Team Coaching

Optim team coaching sessions facilitate a safe, creative and energising environment to problem solve practical solutions to real life examples. The team walk away with clear outcomes, clear actions and clear accountability. We have established that intact teams tend to recognize these benefits quicker and overall achieve more sustainable change.

The foundations of our team coaching sessions are based around principles which ensure the team feel empowered to drive the discussion and content. Our facilitators aid the discussion by asking relevant questions and challenging the group where appropriate, in order to achieve desired outcomes. We recommend participant surveys at the commencement and completion of the program. This approach means we can use overall themes, strengths and growth areas to personalise content, and ensure ROI on agreed metrics.  Participants are provided with case studies, articles or other material to support the sessions, and encouraged to apply learnings on the job. As part of our team coaching Optim provide support to participants between sessions as needed.

Coaching Circles

Coaching Circles are a new and exciting initiative from Optim. We know that the role of a leader can be isolating and sometimes lonely. In answer to the challenges faced by business leaders, Optim has developed a program of facilitated sessions which bring together people of a similar level and role to focus on self-driven business needs. This format enables leaders to work with peers on specific challenges that they face in their role and to learn from others in a similar capacity.

Each participant is required to complete a survey prior to circles being formed. The survey ensures participants are matched with like-minded individuals, helps to identify key priorities and establishes rules around confidentiality. Once formed Coaching Circles meet monthly for a 90-minute facilitated session.  The circles are a mix of face to face and virtual meetings.  The group will help determine the direction of the sessions, through an initial workshop and ongoing discussions.  Sessions include a mixture of coaching exercises, facilitated learning and group discussion.  Individual access is also provided to Optim coaches between sessions.

To learn more about how we can support the growth of your team, please contact us.