Maximise your impact through critical transitions

In today’s ever changing work environment it is commonplace for leaders to experience a range of different transitions across their career.  Whether it be moving in, through or out of an organisation, executives are constantly having to adapt to an array of complex professional and personal challenges associated with each major change.  From having to re-establish credibility in a different operating environment, through to needing to build new and trusted networks from the ground up, learning how to succeed in an unknown political system can be highly confronting and often feel quite isolating.

The fast-paced nature of the modern workplace means there is immense pressure on executives to hit the ground running and achieve immediate success.   However most organisations fail to invest an appropriate amount of time, effort and money in setting new leaders up for success.  Paradoxically, whilst organisations recognise that they need to spend significant amounts of effort and money in securing the best executive talent, once on-board they do little to actively support the highest impact integration.  This is despite the cost of a poorly managed transition being just as high if not higher than an incorrect hiring decision.

Optim is passionate about supporting executives as they make critical transitions in their career, and across life more broadly.  We recognise that it is during such times that confidential and independent support, deep insights and a trusted sounding board are of the greatest importance to both the success and well-being of leaders.  Through our executive transition services Optim ensures that executives are better prepared for how these changes can impact upon their sense of identity, underlying motivation and resulting behaviour.  Instead of falling back on old habits, we help leaders to authentically step into new opportunities with a deep sense of personal value and an unwavering commitment to their unique strengths and experiences.  We take a stakeholder centred approach which provides real-time feedback to executives as they make their transition, allowing for any necessary adjustments to be made straight away so the right levels of focus leads to the highest quality execution.  Our highly tailored and personalised offering ensures that executives bring their best forward faster so that they can quickly integrate to their new role and have the greatest impact possible.

How can we help?

Moving in…

  • Executive on-boarding
  • Defining the right leadership vision and implementation strategy
  • Maximising impact in the first 100 days

Moving through…

  • Identifying a change in direction or role
  • Successfully transitioning up
  • Learning to let go

Moving out…

  • Identifying new opportunities and ways of working
  • Understanding work/life priorities
  • Successfully transitioning to retirement