April 28, 2013


An overview

Optim’s on-boarding program is designed to support senior and key hires to seamlessly transition into new roles and ensure they are contributing as quickly and effectively as possible.

Our offering consists of the following:

  • An understanding of the broader organisational context as well as the specific priorities and challenges inherent within the role.
  • Initial assessment and report for both the individual and organisation outlining distinctive strengths, potential watch-out and priority focus areas.
  • Development of a pragmatic, meaningful and measurable integration plan which details a stakeholder engagement strategy and priority early wins and challenges. It will also consider how to best address organisational knowledge gaps, cultural fit and unspoken “rules”.
  • 4 x Fortnightly coaching sessions.
  • A final 3-way conversation with sponsor to embed support and agree a longer-term development plan.

The benefits

  • Greater clarity and focus within the first 90 days.
  • High touch, confidential and independent support through the transition.
  • More active engagement between the individual and organisation.
  • Emotional support to sustain high performance whilst feeling vulnerable.
  • Meaningful results delivered at a faster rate.

Who is it suitable for?

This offering is most suitable for senior or key employees who are looking to:

  • Successfully transition into a larger, more complex or challenging role within their current organisation
  • Enter into a different organisation or context.

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