April 28, 2013

Executive Coaching

An overview

Optim’s executive coaching solutions are based on the scientific discipline of applied psychology. We bring a solution-focused and pragmatic approach to assist individuals in clarifying what really matters and how they can most effectively achieve their goals. We balance confidential insights and support with appropriate challenge and stretch to really maximise performance and wellbeing outcomes.

Our coaching programs involve:

  • Key stakeholder interviews around current impact and associated themes.
  • A targeted assessment to identify core strengths, development themes, values and aspirations.
  • 6 face-to-face sessions.
  • Unlimited between session support.
  • Pre-and post-measures to assess demonstrated change and impact of coaching.

The benefits

  • Greater levels of self-insight and acceptance.
  • Clarity around career aspirations, options and goals.
  • Understanding how best to leverage unique strengths and networks.
  • Improved relationships at work and beyond.
  • Genuine alignment of values, choices and actions.
  • A deeper sense of meaning and purpose.
  • Greater confidence in and engagement with work.

Who is it suitable for?

Optim’s coaching packages would benefit anyone looking to make meaningful change in their lives.  They are of particular relevance for individuals that are looking to:

  • Take on a new or more senior role.
  • Commence a key transition.
  • Address roadblocks or development gaps.
  • Identify what is next and how to move forward.
  • Better realise their full potential.
  • Improve their overall balance and wellbeing.
  • Work through challenging situations or change.

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