April 28, 2013

Career Transitions

What can we help you with?


  • Determining the next career transition or stepLeadsership-Profiling-Assessment
  • Mapping out a plan forward
  • Better understanding leadership potential
  • Developing deeper self-insights and appreciating current impact 
  • Providing an independent and confidential sounding board through transitions
  • Identifying what to focus on in order to have the fastest impact
  • Appreciating and deploying core strengths
  • Uncovering and managing for blind-spots
  • Learning to understand and successfully navigate a new system


  • Preparing key talent for new transitions
  • Helping overcome potential career blockers
  • Ensuring a more focused performance plan in the first 100 days
  • Providing a higher level of direct support for key talent
  • Supporting faster engagement for new hires
  • Enabling a more immediate impact on results
  • Securing key talent retention


Personal growth relies on true self-understanding. Yet it can be difficult to independently determine what we really have to offer, what we truly want and how we might start moving forward.  Over many years of experience, Optim has developed a unique approach to help support individuals as they prepare for and successfully navigate key transitions.

We do not believe in static models or the “typecasting” of people – instead, we passionately explore individual difference in an evolving and open way to uncover what makes each person totally unique.  Drawing on the principles of applied psychology, we employ a dynamic narrative process to explore the story behind each person and identify their signature strengths, core values and drivers, blind spots and aspirations. We then work alongside individuals to to co-create and implement the right development strategy for both the short and long term.

Below is an outline of this process:


Although our career transition programs are robust and challenging, we aim to create an experience that is engaging and transformational.  We are committed to providing you with a depth of insight and support that will help your find clarity and focus for the best path forward.


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