February 27, 2017


An overview

Optim’s executive assessments provide individuals and organisations with deep insights around unique behavioural characteristics, including: preferences and styles; distinctive strengths; key development themes; blind spots; values, and career aspirations.

We offer two variations outlined below:

Full Executive Assessment Brief Executive Assessment
Online psychometric assessments Online psychometric assessments
3.5-hour biographical interview 2.5-hour session
Tailored executive development report Self-directed reflection process
1.5-hour feedback session 1 hour feedback session
1 hour development planning session 1 hour development Planning session


The Benefits

  • An opportunity to stop, reflect, take stock and plan in an increasingly busy world.
  • Greater self-insight around underlying drivers, strengths and development themes.
  • Deeper awareness of an individual’s impact on those with whom they work.
  • Understanding of how values and motivators influence success.
  • Objective, independent and constructive feedback and support.
  • Deeper understanding about what brings personal meaning and purpose.
  • Clarity around future career and broader life aspirations and goals; as well as the development of a plan to support the achievement of these goals.
  • Greater awareness of leadership potential.

Who is it suitable for?

Optim’s assessments would benefit anyone that is looking to develop a deeper level of self-awareness and clarity around future opportunities.  They are of particular relevance for individuals looking to:

  • Better understand future potential (strengths and derailers).
  • Determine the next step in their career.
  • Develop a more nuanced understanding of their impact on others.
  • Successfully undertake a transition in their career or life.
  • Get back on track after difficulty or a significant set-back.